Ghost Town Flyer August 13 2015

Hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington

Thursday, August 13
Angst Gallery
1015 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Food and libation provided by Niche Wine and Art Bar, 1013 Main Street


With our featured reader, Peggy Barnett

Peggy BarnettPeggy Barnett was born in 1945 and grew up in Queens, New York in the 1950’s. She graduated from The Cooper Union with a degree in Fine Art. She opened a studio in NYC in 1968 and was a photographer for 45 years. In 2006 she moved to Woodinville, WA. Peggy knows that the Northwest is beautiful, but memories of the past haunt her: the Holocaust, growing up Jewish in an Italian and Irish neighborhood, the atomic bomb, junior high school, and childhood’s distant happenings arise in her poetry as if in a dream. Her mind flits back and forth between the present and the past. The present on the West Coast is always interrupted by the past of the East Coast. Her poetic memoir On Your Left! dwells on the specifics of unending change.

Toni Partington & Christopher Luna, Editors


Printed Matter Vancouver is proud to announce the submission period for POETRY MOVES, poetry by Clark County Residents to be showcased on C-Tran Buses beginning January 2016.

Submission Guidelines:

What You Need To Know:
• Poems will be accepted until September 1, 2015 at 11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time.
• Submissions will be accepted via email only.
• Submit a maximum of two (2) poems. Poems can be no longer than seven (7) lines. The poem can be a complete poem or an excerpt from a longer poem. If the poem is an excerpt, please indicate this and give the poem title. Previously published poems may be accepted subject to the discretion of the editors. Indicate the publication name, date, poem title, and publication rights in the body of the submission email. Only one poem per poet will be selected and a total of ten poems will be chosen for this phase of the project.
• If your poem is accepted for use in this project, the editors may have suggestions for edits or format changes to prepare the work for display. Whenever possible the editors will work with the author to review suggested changes. Authors will have the final decision on the edits. The editors are unable to guarantee publication of your work if they feel the edits are necessary and the author disapproves of the changes.
• All authors must sign a release provided by C-Tran and agree to photo publicity. C-Tran retains first rights to use and display the poems. From there, rights revert back to the author.
• Authors agree to have their work appear online or in other publicity/promotions by C-Tran, Arts of Clark County, and Printed Matter Vancouver.

Poem Format:

  • Poem(s) must be in Times New Roman, 12-point font with one-inch margins.
  • Include your name, address, phone, and email at the top left of each page.
  • Include the poem’s title one line above the body of the poem, in bold font.
  • Poems should be single-spaced with one space between stanzas.
  • Poems should not exceed seven (7) lines on 1 page and be your original work.
  • Seven (7) lines may be excerpted from a longer poem if indicated as such.
  • Poems should be saved as a separate document in Microsoft Word with the extension: your last name+poem title. Example: Luna+Sunset Dream

What To Email:

  • Type “C-Tran Submission” in the subject line of the Email.
  • Include in the body of the Email:
    The title(s) of your poem(s).
    Contact information: name, address, email, and phone (home and cell).
  • For previously published poems, indicate the publication name, date, poem title, and whether you own the publication rights.
  • Include each poem(s) as a separate attachment.
  • Include all attachments in one email.


Sponsored by C-Tran, Arts of Clark County, and Printed Matter Vancouver

Had a great time at the Gallery 360 Book Fair. I used my New York voice to coax people onto the porch. So fun to be shouting in Vancouver, WA. You should try it some time, it’s good for the soul. Thank you to Peggy Bird for organizing this event and inviting me to participate. I really enjoyed hanging out on the porch of the Slocum House with authors Victoria Lindstrom and Kriston Johnson and gabbing with the people of Ghost Town about poetry and literature. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and/or buy a few books: Lori Loranger, Bruce Hall, Karen Goysich Read, Rainy Knight, Christi Krug, Maureen Andrade, Jim Martin, Shawn Morrill, Erica Marchbank, Erin Dengerink, Angie Lindquist, and Ian Caton. We had perfect weather and an enormous crowd at the park. I hope that Gallery 360 decides to host more events like this in the future.

Peggy and Christopher at Gallery 360 Book Fair by Maureen Andrade

Gallery 360 Book Fair organizer and author Peggy Bird with Christopher Luna. Photo by Maureen Andrade for the Columbian

Many thanks to Maureen Andrade of North Bank Artists Gallery and the Columbian for this account of the event:

Clark County’s Growing Literary Community

Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic at Angst Gallery Featuring Alex Dang July 9, 2015

Ghost Town Flyer July 9 2015GHOST TOWN POETRY OPEN MIC
Hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington

Thursday, July 9
Angst Gallery
1015 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Food and libation provided by Niche Wine and Art Bar, 1013 Main Street


With our featured reader, Alex Dang:

Alex Dang Bio Pic

Alex Dang is a member of the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Portland Poetry Slam Team competing at the National Poetry Slam and the youngest representative from Portland in the slam’s history. Alex is the Eugene Grand Slam Champion of 2014 and 2015. Videos of his performances have amassed over 1.5 million views on YouTube. He has been a speaker at two TEDx events: TEDxReno and TEDxUOregon. A nationally touring poet, Alex has performed in over 35 cities, 20 states, and is a world renowned burger expert. His chapbook You Can Do Better will be available for purchase at the reading.

Ghost Town Flyer June 11 2015

Hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington

Thursday, June 11
Angst Gallery
1015 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Food and libation provided by Niche Wine and Art Bar, 1013 Main Street


With our featured reader, poet and songwriter Dusty Santamaria

Dusty Santamaria is a songwriter, performer, poet, and painter currently living in Portland, OR. He is the author of the poetry collection Time and Other Thieves as well as the composer of the albums Getting Back to God Knows Where, Existential Detective Rock and Roll and Now That I’ve Stopped Killing. His writing features a “distinctly American surrealism;” his visual art has been described by the Portland Rearguard as “authentic and raw! Basic and romantic! Primitivism at its finest.” Santamaria has toured nationally and internationally with the bands Deadhorse Hwy and the Singing Knives, a garage, soul, rhythm and blues outfit that often serves as Santamaria’s backing band. The group’s live shows are defined by a caustic energy and the signature, unorthodox playing of guitarist Galen Ballinger. For more info, visit

dusty on the fairmount catwalk

Dusty Santamaria on the Fairmount Catwalk

Ghost Town Flyer May 14 2015

Hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington

Thursday, May 14
Angst Gallery
1015 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Herb at GT December 11 2014 by Tiffany

Herb Stokes at Cover to Cover Books in December 2014 Photograph by Tiffany Burba-Schramm

Featuring Herb Stokes: Upon retirement from Swissair New York, Herb Stokes and his artist wife, Marianne, moved to the Intracoastal Waterway in North Carolina. They did the boat and beach scene for several years but after a wonderful summer trip to Portland decided the Northwest would be their home. He took an ongoing creative writing course at Clark College and hasn’t stopped writing since.

By Herb Stokes

We sat at a too small table
on a sun washed terrace
overlooking the Mediterranean
drinking wine from pewter goblets.

A blue haze was in the air
and in your eyes.

Ghost Town Flyer April 9 2015

Printed Matter Vancouver and Leah Jackson Present
Downtown in the Vancouver Arts District
Hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington

April 9, 2015
Angst Gallery
1015 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

With our Featured Reader Cindy Williams Gutierrez:

Cindy WIlliams Gutierrez poet

Cindy Williams Gutierrez

Photo by Russell J. Young

Selected by Poets and Writers Magazine as one of the top ten 2014 Debut Poets, poet-dramatist Cindy Williams Gutiérrez draws inspiration from the silent and silenced voices of history and herstory. Her poetry collection, the small claim of bones, was published by Arizona State University’s Bilingual Press. Poems and reviews have appeared in Borderlands, Calyx, Harvard’s Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México’s Periódico de poesía, Portland Review, Quiddity, Rain Taxi, Rattle, and ZYZZYVA. Plays include Words That Burn, which premiered in Milagro’s 2014 La Luna Nueva festival to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month and the William Stafford Centennial, and A Dialogue of Flower & Song featured in the 2012 GEMELA (Spanish and Latin American Women’s Studies) Conference co-sponsored by the University of Portland and Portland State University.

Cindy earned an MFA from the University of Southern Maine Stonecoast Program with concentrations in Mesoamerican poetics and creative collaboration. Cindy is a founding member of Los Porteños, Portland’s Latino writers’ collective, and the founder of Grupo de ’08, a Northwest collaborative-artists’ salon inspired by Lorca’s Generación de ’27.

Los Porteños is committed to making Latino and Latin American literature an integral part of the Portland community. We are dedicated to raising our voices and raising awareness of our diverse languages, canons, stories and cultures. We develop and nurture each unique voice into a collective of writers honoring this diverse heritage. Founded in 2006 with the steadfast support of Milagro Theatre, we have presented annual literary readings for Day of the Dead as well as participated in Milagro’s La Luna Nueva festival. In 2011, we began hosting a William Stafford Birthday Reading featuring original, multilingual poetry and prose written in response to Stafford poems.

2014 marked Los Porteños’ foray into community-building projects, including a Noche de Neruda reading at Literary Arts, a staged reading of Marrano Justice in collaboration with Congregation Ahavath Achim, and the production of Words That Burn in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the William Stafford Centennial, and the rescindment of Executive Order 9066. A dramatization of the World War II experiences of conscientious objector William Stafford, Japanese-American internee Lawson Inada, and Chicano Marine Guy Gabaldón, Words That Burn was supported by 20 community sponsors, including arts and humanities funders; Asian-American, Latino, and peace organizations; as well as universities and libraries. Recent collaborations featured Echoes Cabaret—in memory of “the disappeared”—with the Jewish Theatre Collaborative and Mujeres—in celebration of International Women’s Day—with Milagro.

Upcoming readings include Letters in Exile: William Stafford and Miguel Hernández at Literary Arts on Wednesday, May 13 at 7 pm.

If I Were a Nahua Poet

Make my body a cuicoyan, this house of song.
Garland my bones with those who have gone before, colli,
And the ones who have gone before them, colli. Return,
Return. Let the sweet wind be their breath on my shoulder,
Their tug on my tunic. Let my voice join the ancients
To swell the sky with a thousand plumes of light. Ehua!

And when the moon moves between sun and earth,
Let us remember to beat our deerskin drums and dance.
To pound our bare feet and chests until this holy earth
Splits in two, and volcanoes rise up in song. Only then
Will this life be worthy: to make the dark earth rumble,
And the heart fiercely tremble. Yolhuihuiyocaz, tremble.

By Cindy Williams Gutiérrez
From the small claim of bones, Bilingual Press, 2014.