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Printed Matter Vancouver works with new, emerging, or established poets and writers.

We believe in getting the work out by providing a way for writers to get the support, feedback, and guidance they want to enter the publishing world. Are you working on submissions or compiling a manuscript? Either way, our coaching process will help you get the job done. 

We begin with the writer’s goals and as a team, focus on a plan with a set of steps. Our services include editing, coaching, workshops, manuscript layout, format, and production.


3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Chris & Toni,

    Hi again Chris, I met you last week at the writers workshop…and I’ve wondered since then…would it be alright if I sent some work over to you for feedback?

    I also can’t say enough how much I loved the workshop–thank you for doing them!!

  2. Christopher,
    This is Tom Webb at Bear Deluxe Magazine in Portland. We sent you a distribution notice regarding new issue and card was returned. We sent to address on U. St. Have you moved? Stil interested in copies for distribution?

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