Photographs from Poetry on the Piazza, Director Park (Portland) July 9, 2012

David Abel and Christopher Luna chat before the show by Richard Schemmerer

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Vancouver poetry and art at the first Poetry on the Piazza of the year. We were so happy to see: Josh Raveling, Kyle David Congdon, Alex Birkett, Anni Becker, Jada, Erin Kluka, Darlene Costello, Amy Harper, David Matthews, and Rick J., among others. We had beautiful weather, and a large group of folks who were really into the proceedings, as well as all the kids and others who were just enjoying the park. We are grateful to David Abel for inviting us to curate a Vancouver showcase for this year’s series, and to Peter and Jenny, park employees who attended to all of our needs. Finally, Printed Matter Vancouver co-founders Christopher Luna and Toni Partington would like to thank our fellow poets Kori Sayer and Jenney Pauer for their outstanding performances, Tyler Morgan for his music, and DaBat for his poetry and art.

Poetry on the Piazza at Director Park, Portland, OR July 9, 2012 by Anni Becker

This was a well-documented event. Richard Schemmerer posted photos and video. We are especially grateful for the YouTube clip, which features a slide show of images as well as some video clips.

Books for sale

Photo by Richard Schemmerer

Also check out rick j’s observations: and Kori Sayer’s poem “Carousel,” which he posted on his blog:

Rick J’s notebook by Richard Schemmerer

Here are some photos by Toni Partington:

Tyler Morgan and Christopher Luna by Toni Partington

DaBat by Toni Partington

Christopher Luna by Toni Partington

Kori Sayer and DaBat by Toni Partington

Kori Sayer by Toni Partington

Toni Partington and DaBat by Christopher Luna

Toni Partington reads from Wind Wing by Christopher Luna

DaBat by Toni Partington

DaBat’s paintings by Toni Partington

Tyler Morgan by Toni Partington

Jenney Pauer by Toni Partington

Here are some photos by Anni Becker, whose work can also be found at or

Poetry on the Piazza organizer David Abel welcomes the crowd to Director Park

by Anni Becker

Tyler Morgan by Anni Becker

Tyler Morgan by Anni Becker

Christopher Luna by Anni Becker

Christopher Luna by Anni Becker

DaBat by Anni Becker

DaBat by Anni Becker

DaBat by Anni Becker

DaBat by Anni Becker

DaBat’s paint by Anni Becker

Four by DaBat by Anni Becker

Eight by DaBat by Anni Becker

Kids by Anni Becker

Kids run and play in Director Park by Anni Becker

Kori Sayer by Anni Becker

The view from behind the mic by Anni Becker   

Toni Partington by Anni Becker

Toni Partington and DaBat by Anni Becker

Lovebirds in the park by Anni Becker

A lovely evening in Director Park by Anni Becker

The crowd at Director Park Listens to Tyler Morgan’s music by Anni Becker

Jenney Pauer by Anni Becker

Jenney Pauer by Anni Becker

GHOST TOWN POETRY OPEN MIC August 9, 2012 Featuring A. Molotkov, accompanied by musician Ragon Linde, plus Chris Martin’s documentary about Ghost Town Poetry founder Christopher Luna

Featuring A. Molotkov, accompanied by musician Ragon Linde

Plus the premiere screening of Chris Martin’s documentary about Ghost Town Poetry founder Christopher Luna, the latest in Martin’s ongoing series of short films on Innovators of Vancouver  


hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington
LGBTQ-friendly, all ages, and uncensored since 2004

7pm Thursday, August 9, 2012
and every second Thursday

Cover to Cover Books
6300 NE St. James Rd., Suite 104B
(St. James & Minnehaha)
Vancouver, WA

Featuring A. Molotkov, accompanied by musician Ragon Linde:

Born in St. Petersburg, A. Molotkov arrived in the U.S. in 1990 and switched to writing in English in 1993.  He is the winner of various fiction and poetry awards, including Boone’s Dock Press poetry chapbook contest for his True Stories from the Future.  Molotkov’s work was selected for a floor theme in the upcoming Kaiser Permanente building in Hillsboro and for Portland’s Orange Lining public poetry project. The End of Mythology, a collaborative chapbook co-written with John Sibley Williams, is due later this year from Virgogray Press.  Visit him at

The following items will be available for purchase at the reading: True Stories From the Future (poetry chapbook, $12), everything (novel, $8), Can You Stay Forever? (CD, $8), and Look at My Screen (DVD, $8)

Ragon Linde is a multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, and audio visionary based in Portland, OR. Ragon has played in a wide range of musical groups over the last 35 years whose styles included big band, psychedelic jazz, heavy metal, acoustic folk, classical, western swing, marching band, and percussion ensemble. Since 2008, Ragon has been a performing member and musical director of the Moonlit Guttery Poetry Team which has staged performances of “Love Outlives Us,” “Chasing the Sun Over the Horizon,” “Raining Back Up,” and “Time and Absence.”  In 2012 Ragon co-produced and performed in a Percussion/Narrative performance called “Only Ghosts” ( Ragon is the founder and leader of the Portland Eclectic Music Society. His 2011 debut album, which will be available for purchase at the open mic, is a double CD entitled Both Sides of the Story ($12) The recording is also available for digital download on iTunes,, and CD Baby and in hard copy at Portland’s Millennium Music.

Unfalling the Stars

by A. Molotkov

sorry door

if I must bother you
why don’t you open wider and admit friends

sorry song

my mouth is not fit to sing you

sorry distance

my steps are not wide enough to cover you

so many stars fall

your last words hang over the threshold
in an endless conversation with my past

as I hang myself on a hat hook

in someone else’s childhood

while you laugh like you always do

so many stars shine

sorry life

my words are not wide enough to honor you


Chris Martin runs Chris Martin Studios, a creative studio focused on provoking thought, initiating change, and unveiling the unique story of businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the world. Learn more at

 Innovators of Vancouver is an online documentary video series telling the story of Vancouver’s leaders of vision, passion and action. The first seven episodes focused on seven unique characters of Vancouver: Dale Chumbley, a realtor using social media to bring awareness to the community; Dave Scott, a professional photographer giving back to a local high school’s sports program; Noland Hoshino, a passionate social media expert utilizing social networks for good; Bruce and Gayle Elgort, enterprise software business owners and global community builders; Carol Doane, a writer and content strategist; Zachary Gray, former owner of Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters; and Anni Becker, community art-ivist (

Beginning with poet Christopher Luna, the next seven episodes of Innovators of Vancouver will focus on art, literacy, film and comics, as well as the history of Vancouver through the stories of amazing people. Innovators of Vancouver is available online at or

Toni Partington’s Wind Wing is now available as an eBook

Printed Matter Vancouver co-founder Toni Partington’s Wind Wing, which is one of the bestselling books by a Vancouver, WA poet,  is now available as an eBook on Lulu ( and Barnes and Noble ( You can also order a copy of the book from Cover to Cover Books ( or St. Johns Booksellers (

Here is what some of Toni’s fellow poets had to say about the book:

Poetry Lovers Rejoice! Lyricism is reborn in Wind Wing. A true daughter of Sappho rises in our midst, and her name is Toni Partington. Whether in deeply confessional poems, such as the title poem, written for her mother, or sororal anthems such as “Mermaids,” or pungent observations on the general culture such as “Fat Straws,” Partington has created a women’s poetry for all people. I can think of no more apt acclaim than that which Edmund Wilson once rendered onto Edna St. Vincent Millay: “In giving supreme expression to profoundly felt personal experience, she was able to identify herself with more general experience and stand forth as a spokesman for the human spirit.” David Madgalene, Windsor, CA

“Have you ever considered trading your life for that of a crow’s? Toni Partington has in her poem, “It Matters To Notice These Things,”just one of many highly imaginative and often brutally honest looks into the lives of women who have stared into the face of mental illness and other traumas. Ms. Partington will take you on a ride in an Impala, telling you what it’s really like ricocheting between two worlds with the wind-wing open. Her poems refuse to hide behind shame, embarrassment, or judgments. You will know by the end of this book that “silence is the great intoxicant / seduces you while it burns / a gaping hole in your throat.” Her book is a lesson about “boxes within boxes,” and will leave you with the knowledge that “cardboard castles / can’t survive in the rain.” In valiantly opening the Wind Wing, she gives us all the courage to conquer our greatest fears.” M, Portland, Oregon

“Toni Partington’s Wind Wing is a deeply moving & compassionately observed collection of poems. Its lucid voice is deeply resonant & ultimately heartwarming.” David Meltzer, San Francisco, CA

“Toni Partington shows us the underbelly of women in the midst of challenges incomprehensible to some: mental illness, domestic violence, mothering broken children. Dignity, understanding and courage abound in this volume of tough yet lyrical poems.” Eileen Elliott, Vancouver, WA

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

At Frenchman’s Bar

by Toni Partington

 Egrets assemble

levitate in slow motion


above the Columbia’s glass top

framed by fifty-foot twigs

upright to the sky


in silhouette


parked barges resemble a life

stopped abruptly 

await permission to dock

unload the steerage of this long journey


when will it be time for you

to sail toward unknown ports

where women gather in flocks

lean into each other and

beckon you to land

GHOST TOWN POETRY OPEN MIC featuring Portland writers Patrick Bocarde and Melissa Sillitoe Thursday, July 12, 2012 at Cover to Cover Books

Featuring Patrick Bocarde and Melissa Sillitoe

hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington
all ages and uncensored since 2004

7pm Thursday, July 12, 2012
and every second Thursday
Cover to Cover Books
6300 NE St. James Rd., Suite 104B
(St. James & Minnehaha)
Vancouver, WA

Featuring Patrick Bocarde and Melissa Sillitoe:

Patrick Bocarde did, according to legend, come from his mother’s womb in the dreaded Nordic winter of 1969. He saved his family just after birth when instinctively he knew they must live off the warmth of burning Rod McKuen Albums. Patrick graduated from SUNY-Binghamton in 1991, and a year later headed west with a car full junk and a head full of poems which soon he would be unleashing on an unsuspecting audience, Among them the early Cafe Lena crowd.

Since then, Patrick has been a contributor to the culture of Portland poetry, having been a host, a sound engineer (to this day!) for KBOO’s poetry program Talking Earth, and contributor to local writing journals including the Broken Word anthologies, the Temple, and Venetian Blind Drunk, among others. He was, with co-conspirator Neil Anderson, creator of the satirical short film “the worriers” (based on the cult classic the warriors) and his chapbooks include This Economy Must Be Destroyed, Walking Home Weird, and Metalbook (available for $5 at the July 12 event).


Nailpyres by Patrick Bocarde

We regret the loss of blood

as a thousand nail fangs pierce

her humphung human flesh;

The Society for the Conservation

of Humans claims we must limit

the spread of Nailpyres, who

needlessly lose blood and waste

human stock by the dozens each night.

They must be forced to wear

safe, workable fangs or we

shall exterminate them with extreme

prejudice. So, frail human

victims of supple neck and breast,

choose your vampires carefully,

and you will be rewarded

with a slow yet pleasurable demise.

Melissa Sillitoe: I moved from Salt Lake City to Portland in 2005, and I love this silver sky and river city and its soft light. As a poet, I use everyday words and their inherent music, juxtaposing these with lyrical and symbolic language. I hope to write poems where every word matters, even if its purpose is to keep the poem’s music or momentum intact. I’ve published in a few places like THE BEAR DELUXE, and I’ve performed at invited readings series, including ones produced by dan raphael and KBOO’s Barbara LaMorticella. In 2007, I created Show and Tell Gallery, a 501c3 non-profit that continues to produce weekly spoken word events, some spontaneous, some rehearsed collaborations. I also co-produce the Verse in Person series at Northwest Library and have helped produce other events, such as Goatfest and a bluegrass music series at Backspace Café.

What Happened by Melissa Sillitoe

It was autumn, my first.

It was Red Butte Garden.

Who cares how I got there,

my sleepwalk, those unlikely

years spent outside seasons,

eyes adjusting to starless nights.

I might have looked down,

as usual, and missed it.

No trick of light

that glowing ember sky,

when one sunbeam

struck.  It stuck.

Now, miles later, I don’t

know why I looked up.

Gold fell from openhanded trees.

One birdnote I couldn’t sing

startled my dreams.

I know just this:

all I had was gone, all I

did not dare hope waited.

No. More. Trees,

Where, everywhere,

vermilion autumn

bled for me, in spite of me.

Note: This poem was recently published in Take Out 8, published and edited by Laura Winter.