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The debut collection of poetry by Leah Klass tells stories of discovering empathy through human connection. Her work is a rallying call to value our everyday interactions with other people. Reach Out, Reach In offers concrete ideas for transforming the world into a warmer, more welcoming place.

Reach Out, Reach In

By Leah Klass

Published by Printed Vancouver

October 25, 2021

Cover Art & Design by Mercer Hanau

Edited by Toni Lumbrazo Luna and Christopher Luna

ISBN-13‏: ‎ 979-8985129106


How we are made is how we see, and from the rich mosaic of her background Leah Klass delivers kaleidoscopic poems that will persuade your vision to see this world made strange and precious. This book offers local beginnings, global consciousness, and the courage to use language for what it needs to do: sustain the sovereign self engaged in connecting the private life to the public world. Enter this book troubled, then emerge knowing “there is another way.” — Kim Stafford, author of Singer Come from Afar

I read Reach Out, Reach In straight through and want more. Leah Klass tells to the bone truth in bold narratives and chewable language. She is a thoroughly American woman who gathered new languages and a layered identity living in many countries. “Understand I am global,” she writes, and we do, seeing through her “inherited pattern recognition” a unifying grasp of culture and language that threads through her own evolution from childhood to maturity. These brave poems move with a strong beat, riding on a wide and inclusive heart. They illuminate so much of a woman’s experience through the stages of her life. For Klass, a fierce advocacy for all people developed, rooted in connection and kindness, and in her passion for acts big and small in families and communities that count toward healing the world. — Rae Latham


Born in Washington, D.C., Leah’s education has included attending diverse public schools and studying abroad. She learned Spanish in the homes of her friends in Falls Church, Virginia. In high school she turned 16 on a secular kibbutz, where she worked on the assembly line in an olive factory and was chased by ostriches. She later waitressed and cleaned houses to help pay for her studies in Anthropology at the University of Virginia which included a year of study abroad in Brazil. She completed a master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at the University of Queensland thanks to a Rotary Fellowship in Argentina and Australia.

She spent the first years of her career bringing businesses from different countries together and encouraging friendships between strangers. Market research and report writing were a ticket to long weekends in Chile and high speed taxi rides in Mexico. She has also helped get social services to migrant communities, taught students how to better network and facilitated group discussions for international business people.

Leah’s greatest pleasures are making connections and reaching out to build community. Speaking many languages allows her to communicate with more people. She speaks Spanish, Portuguese and some Hebrew and German. She is committed to valuing intergenerational relationships and amplifying kindness.

After becoming a mother, Leah experienced a great shift in her understanding of the world and felt an overwhelming desire to express her need to build community and to help others find and use their voices. In tandem, she joined a kind and passionate poetry community in Portland, Oregon. With the support of the group, poetry has become a way for her to tell stories and to activate others to go out and do something good.

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Printed Matter Vancouver is proud to present Rime of the Angry Metalhead, the debut novel by Jason Luna.

Long Island, 1988. Mikey Pellegrino and his nihilistic metalhead friends, The Ridge Boys, are thirsty for revenge against the classmate they deem responsible for the car crash that took their best friend’s life on New Year’s Eve. The teens construct a shrine at their hangout spot in the woods in honor of their fallen friend, Cliff, whose nickname resulted from the young man’s striking resemblance to Cliff Burton, the heavy metal legend who was killed in a bus crash two years earlier. As “Angry Mike” steps into 1989 ready to settle the score for Cliffy’s untimely death, his confusion and rage lead him down a path of self-destruction that forces him to enter a residential rehab facility. There he meets Cheyenne, who surprises both with her peculiar method of romantic pursuit and the information she holds about the night Cliffy died, an insight that will forever change the way Mikey sees the event that took his friend away. Rime of the Angry Metalhead is Mikey’s tale of loss and love, metal and mayhem.

Inspired by his own experiences as a teenage metalhead on Eastern Long Island in the late 1980s, author Jason Luna uses the backdrop of the end of the Cold War and the suburban heavy metal subculture in order to tell the story of a cynical, chaotic young man whose worst enemy is himself.


Jason Luna is a high school English teacher and former Correctional Educator in New York City. He lives in the Hudson Valley, New York with his wife Mary. His debut novel Rime of the Angry Metalhead is available on Amazon through Printed Matter Vancouver.

Nuclear Holocaust, the Cold War and a looming sense of dread were a regular part of a teenager’s life in the 1980s. The sense of isolation, the crazy backwoods parties and most importantly the music we listened to were all reactions to the very real fear we felt. Rime of the Angry Metalhead will take you back to those dark, delicious times when parents, politicians and polite society were terrified of metal, and fun consisted of wild nights of drinking and smoking while jamming tunes on a beat-up boom box. If you were a metalhead in the 1980s or if want to know what it was like to be one during that unique and memorable era, give this book a read. —Chris Pervelis, guitarist for Internal Bleeding and metalhead from Long Island

Luna’s nostalgic look at some of heavy metal’s golden years brought me back. I loved the mention of the Metallica concert and the girl in the Slayer shirt. The “soundtrack” had me racing to listen to songs and bands that I know so well and remember fondly. —Rick Ernst, director of Get Thrashed: the Story of Thrash Metal (2008)

Rime of the Angry Metalhead by Jason Luna

Printed Matter Vancouver, January 2021

Paperback ($16.99):

EBook ($4.99):

Cover-Driven By Hope 2019-05-30-promo

DRIVEN BY HOPE By Toni Lumbrazo Luna

Driven By Hope is Toni Lumbrazo Luna’s third book of poetry. It contains glimpses into the lives of people she has met throughout her career as a Social Worker and Life/Career Coach. These poems are based on real life and Toni takes them to new places inside her imagination. Perhaps you will see yourself through her eyes. Order Driven By Hope here.

Publication Date: June 2019

ISBN 10/13: 1070872970 / 978-1070872971

Consistently East Book Cover Image

CONSISTENTLY EAST (2018) by Matthew Eiford-Schroeder

“What is adventure in the time of Google Maps? If hardship is what separates an adventure from a vacation, how does one reconcile the ease of travel with the challenges one faces?” Matthew Eiford-Schroeder wrote the poems in Consistently East as he emerged from the fog of a brain injury he suffered as a result of a violent attack. Join the poet on his global travels from Brooklyn, New York to London, across Mongolia via a charity rally, then on to Seoul, Korea. After returning to the West Coast of the United States to visit his family, Matthew attempted to work the oil fields of North Dakota before finally returning to Brooklyn, where he was assaulted. “I wrote these poems when the world stopped shaking enough for me to collect and organize words again. I had to rebuild myself, take an inventory of memories, then create. To begin to live in a world that had changed in a self that was no longer the same, but both not completely severed from the trauma and beauty of the past.”

To order Consistently East, visit:

Publication Date: July 31, 2018
ISBN 10/13: 1721862374 / 978-1721862375

Advance Praise for Consistently East

“If art is animated by the shock of the new, Matthew Eiford-Schroeder has presented the reader with a top grade set of jumper cables. Consistently East is a startlingly good and often brilliant book of poems, one that makes harmony of its surface contrasts. Radical and clear in its language, cosmopolitan and Northwest homegrown in its intellectual sensibility, powerful in the way it interrogates the modern nature of power, it is a book that exemplifies the best verities of American travel literature by taking a hammer to the clichés of the genre at its worst. Reaching to both Whitman and Milosz, Consistently East is a book of the first rank that deserves to be read by as many people as possible.” Robert Lashley, Stranger Genius Award Nominee and author of The Homeboy Songs and Up South.

“Traveling roads in between two stages of apocalypse, here is a friend’s diary written on a hostel wall. Through poetry, we relax into the same curiosity and fear of the wanderer, his flashbacks becoming ours. Love, insight, and invitation command this collection. And the revelation that our memoir is safest in the hands of a madman.” – Tongo Eisen-Martin, author of Heaven is All Goodbyes (City Lights), winner of the 2018 California Book Award for Poetry.

About the Author

Matthew Eiford-Schroeder was raised in Camas, Washington, where he spent a sizable portion of his time working and playing on his grandparents’ cattle farm. He moved around America, working retail and lifting heavy things, before eventually landing in New York, where he snuck into an art school and became a bouncer.  He currently lives in Bellingham, where he is studying political science at Western Washington University.

Meet Me Where I Left You by Tiffany Burba-Book Cover

MEET ME WHERE I LEFT YOU (2016) by Tiffany Burba

Meet Me Where I Left You, the debut collection of poetry and short prose by Tiffany Burba, captures her real and imagined New York City adventures of love, lust, museums, jazz, food, and running in Central Park. She has an amazing love affair with the City and its inhabitants stretching from Brooklyn to Queens, the Bronx to Manhattan, and all points between. Living on whiskey kisses, a subway pass, and everything from pizza to soup dumplings, Burba fills and breaks her heart and ours along the way. Meet Me Where I Left You explores her arrivals and departures, her dreams of leaving Pacific Northwest forests for the taxi rides and street grime of New York City, her love of family and friends, and her unashamed quest for passion.

Publication Date: July 25, 2016
ISBN/EAN13: 153552250X / 9781535522502

Order Tiffany Burba’s Meet Me Where I Left You here.

Advance Praise for Meet Me Where I Left You

Tiffany Burba is a generous storyteller cursed with a muse that won’t sit still. Her work is more than a simple love story or an homage, though.  Her poems are as much a part of her being as perspiration or tears. In Meet Me Where I Left You, the love is real, the hurt is real, the longing, the sadness, the courage, all of it is real. Tangible. “Soup Dumplings” and “Recovery” speak loudest to me, though the exercise of picking favorites from this book is akin to picking favorite waves in the ocean.

Tommy Gaffney, author of Whiskey Days and Three Beers From Oblivion

In Meet Me Where I Left You, Tiffany Burba creates brave wordscapes of love broken, love restored, and dreams of New York. With vast humanity and invincible heart this collection does what great poetry always does: it heals us.

Mike G., Portland Poet/Performer

The honest exposure of needs, desires, and relationships thrown against the bustling backdrop of The Big Apple grabbed my attention. Taste and walk your way through a birthday trip to New York City, through the eyes and heart of a fiercely passionate woman searching for a love that will join souls into one eternal, burning star. The raw energy and pure need revealed in the author’s unveiled prose will sting, searing a striving silhouette of hope between these pages.

April Bullard, author of The Sock Thief and Goody Hepzibah’s Harvest Tales


GHOST TOWN POETRY VOLUME TWO (2013) is the second book of poetry from the popular monthly reading series at Cover to Cover Books in Vancouver, WA

Edited By Christopher Luna and Toni Partington

Ghost Town Poetry Volume Two commemorates ten years of open mic poetry in Vancouver, WA. Christopher Luna founded the popular Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic reading series at Ice Cream Renaissance in November 2004. In 2007 the series moved to Cover to Cover Books, and Toni Partington joined Luna as a co-host. In 2011 Luna and Partington co-founded Printed Matter Vancouver, an editing service and small press which previously published Ghost Town Poetry, which includes poets from the first six years of the series, and Serenity in the Brutal Garden, the debut collection by Vancouver poet Jenney Pauer.

Like its namesake, Ghost Town Poetry Volume Two is “all ages and uncensored.” The anthology includes poems from the following local and national authors, each of whom has read at the Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic: Judith Arcana, Elizabeth Archers, Lana Ayers, Melinda Bell, Kristin Berger, April Bullard, Tiffany Burba-Schramm, Sheryl Clough, Ed Coletti, Joyce Colson, Brittney Corrigan, Michael Daley, Eileen Davis Elliott, Kathleen Flenniken, Daniel Gilchrist, Rob Gourley, Johnna Gurgel, Miles Hewitt, David Hill, Rainy Knight, Christi Krug, Jake Loranger, Lori Loranger, Zoe Loranger, Jack Lorts, Peter Ludwin, Christopher Luna, M, David Madgalene, Dryas Martin, Jim Martin, Doug Marx, David Matthews, Dennis McBride, Jack McCarthy, Mike G, A. Molotkov, Russell Monroe, Angeline Nguyen, Maggie O’Mara, Toni Partington, Jenney Pauer, Jennifer Pratt-Walter, Sidra Grace Quinn, Dan Raphael, Carlos Reyes, Kristin Roedell, Michael Rothenberg, Ralph Salisbury, Katharine Salzmann, Raul Sanchez, Mary Slocum, Gerard Donnelly Smith, Leah Stenson, Meredith Stewart, George Thomas, Nathan Tompkins, Grace Valentine, Ric Vrana, Julene Weaver, Ingrid Wendt, Steve Williams, John Sibley Williams, Sally Wong, Carolyne Wright, and Louise Wynn.

Publication Date: December 18, 2013

ISBN/EAN13: 0615938892 / 9780615938899

Ghost Town Poetry Volume Two can be ordered here.

GHOST TOWN POETRY: Poems from Cover to Cover Books 2004-2010 (2011)

Edited by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington

A collection of poets from the popular second Thursday open mic at Cover to Cover Books in Vancouver, WA co-hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington. This anthology collects a mere sampling of the hundreds of unpublished and renowned poets who have read at the popular poetry series that spoken word legend Jack McCarthy proclaimed “the best open mike between Tacoma and Berkeley.” Founded by Christopher Luna at Ice Cream Renaissance in 2004, in 2007 Ghost Town Poetry relocated to Cover to Cover Books, where it became a crucial component of Vancouver’s growing literary community. (In 2015 the series relocated to Angst Gallery.)

Edited by Printed Matter Vancouver co-founders and current series co-hosts Christopher Luna and Toni Partington, Ghost Town Poetry contains poems that were read at the open mic as well as new work. It also features cover art and a history of the series by Christopher Luna as well as a chronology of the featured readers who have traveled from around the country and the Northwest to share their work.

Ghost Town Poetry features poems by the following writers: Judith Arcana, Bernadette Barrio, Kristin Berger, Alex Birkett, Diane Cammer, Sheryl Clough, Sage Cohen, Kyle David Congdon, Carter Crockett, Eileen Davis Elliott, Naomi Fast, Olivia Gonzalez, Rob Gourley, Sam Green, Lorraine Healy, David Hill, Taylor Johnston, Maggie Kelly, Rainy Knight, Christi Krug, Barbara LaMorticella, Colleen Lindsay, Jake Loranger, Lori Loranger, Zoe Loranger, Jack Lorts, Angelo Luna, Christopher Luna, M, David Madgalene, Carolyn Martin, Jim Martin, David Meltzer, Norma Mizer, Mokii, Judith Montgomery, G.L. Morrison, Dan Nelson, Toni Partington, Jenney Pauer, Charles Potts, Michael Rothenberg, Kori Sayer-LeMieux, Herb Stokes, Margareta Waterman, Steve Williams, Laura Winter, and Sharon Wood Wortman.

Publication Date: April 14, 2011

ISBN/EAN13: 1461075114 / 9781461075110

Ghost Town Poetry Volume One can be ordered here.

Read San Francisco writer Kevin Killian’s five-star review of the book on


This stunning debut by Vancouver, WA poet Jenney Pauer is a moving collection of poems about sorrow, joy, and family. According to Northwest spoken word legend Jack McCarthy, “If George Eliot were alive today and writing poetry, she would sound a lot like Jenney Pauer. There is an unforced elegance in virtually every line she writes. My immediate response is to stand back and salute.”

Jenney Pauer is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, where she studied theater and English literature. After serving four years in the United States Army as a Korean linguist, she obtained a Secondary English Education degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before moving to the Pacific Northwest with her dog and cat in 2008, she taught high school English along the border of Arizona and Mexico. Recently, Jenney co-wrote a short film, Nico’s Sampaguita, accepted into the 27th Annual Asian Pacific Film Festival in Los Angeles, and soon to be released by Sacred Fire Films in San Francisco, California.

Publication Date: March 26, 2012
ISBN/EAN13: 1470132591 / 9781470132590

Serenity in the Brutal Garden can be ordered here.

WIND WING (2011) By Toni Partington

WIND WING is a collection of poetry inspired by the lives of women. The poems provide a glimpse into life on the edge of mental illness, transition and discovery. In three chapters, the poems expose the life of an only child with a mentally ill mother, the transitions of life, love and loss, and the societal and personal observations that lead to self discovery. Partington wrote the book over the past ten years as a way to reveal the stigma associated with mental illness and its impact on families.

WIND WING is currently available as an eBook:


BRUTAL GLINTS OF MOONLIGHT (2014) by Christopher Luna

The poems in Brutal Glints of Moonlight were created using material found in Norman Mailer’s 1980 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Executioner’s Song. Luna was among 85 writers who remixed one of the Pulitzer Prize winning novels in April 2013 at the request of Found Poetry Review.

Brutal Glints of Moonlight is available from the author:

GHOST TOWN, USA (2008, OUT OF PRINT) By Christopher Luna

In 2003, New Yorker Christopher found himself in Vancouver, WA, wondering how he got there and missing home. He began collecting his observations of his new home in a notebook that became Ghost Town, USA, a diaristic investigative poem about the city often written in real time while walking around town or taking public transportation. This 72-page chapbook represents the first seven years of Luna’s adventures in Vancouver, the place he nicknamed Ghost Town because one can often walk through town in the middle of the day and not see a single person on the street. Luna incorporates humor, social commentary, and overheard conversation into his attempt to capture snapshots of day-to-day life in this suburb just across the bridge from Portland, OR.

Bootstrap Press founder Derek Fenner comments that “Ghost Town, USA moves with a true agitation of the mind.” According to David Meltzer, the book “recalls Williams in his need to transcribe speech.” Eileen Elliott, author of The Prodigal Cowgirl notes: “Chris Luna makes brave darting forays between at least two worlds: the found poetry of city buses and overheard madness posing as stand-in-line conversations, and ekphrastic poetry celebrating works of art such as tattoos, navel piercings, and the way the wind blows the hot dog man’s napkins in the breeze. He comments on living, breathing acts of beauty, leaving them with their dignity and me with deeper understanding. He communicates, straight and pure, like  an arrow to my heart, shaving off its toughness and leaving me vulnerable and new.”



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