Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Featuring Brad Garber and Gina Williams on Zoom Thursday, September 10, 2020

NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control, this month’s reading will take place over Zoom. Email by no later than 3 pm on September 10 to indicate your interest in participating. In the subject line, let us know if you are “Reading” or “Just Listening.” You will receive instructions for how to join the meeting. Open mic readers are invited to share one poem for three minutes or less. 

The Loranger family, who have been loyal regulars since our very first reading in November 2004, recently lost their home in a fire. In lieu of a five-dollar suggested donation, we request that you donate to the Loranger’s GoFundMe page. Let’s come together as a community to help our friends in need:

Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic

Hosted by Christopher Luna, Toni Lumbrazo Luna, & Morgan Paige

Featuring Brad Garber and Gina Williams

7 pm

Thursday, September 10

On Zoom



Please support Niche Wine Bar, whose owner, Leah Jackson, has provided a home for us since 2015:

Note: Gina Williams and Christopher Luna will also be reading with Dan Raphael for Annie Bloom’s books on September 14:

Brad Garber has degrees in biology, chemistry and law. He writes, paints, draws, photographs, hunts for mushrooms and snakes in the Great Northwest. Since 1991, he has published poetry, magazine articles, essays and weird stuff in publications including Edge Literary Journal, Pure Slush, On the Rusk Literary Journal, Sugar Mule, Third Wednesday, Barrow Street, Black Fox Literary Magazine, Barzakh Magazine, Five:2:One, Ginosko Journal, Vine Leaves Press, Riverfeet Press, Smoky Blue Literary Magazine, and Aji Magazine. Brad was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2011, 2013 & 2018.  

Gina Williams is a journalist, photographer, former firefighter, and gardener. She’s a Pacific Northwest native and can often be found rambling in the Oregon Outback, volunteering at the community garden, or on assignment in a far-flung location. She lives and creates near Portland, Oregon. Her full-length collection of poetry, An Unwavering Horizon, was published by Finishing Line Press this year. Williams is a Pushcart Prize nominee for poetry and founder of Plein Air Poetry Northwest, a nonprofit organization supporting literary arts and environmental activism. Learn more at

An Unwavering Horizon is available through Finishing Line Press as well as other outlets, including Portland’s Powell’s Books.  

Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Recap (June 8, 2017): Jan Stewart & Lori Loranger

Our thanks to Multnomah Arts Center writer Jan Stewart, who shared her impressions of her first time at Ghost Town and her time in Christopher Luna’s Multnomah Arts Center poetry writing class:

“My hat is off to you.  A bright and multicolored hat of deep significance is lifted to you for your work in building a vibrant, inspiring, and supportive community of poets. At one point last night you said something like, ‘you guys are cracking my head wide open.’ Mine too. Along with the assembly of poets, a group diverse in race, experience, sexual orientation, gender, and perspective, I was impressed by the core values palpably present. Everyone felt safe to let their voice be heard. The power of that mix cracked my head wide open and knocked my socks off. I have been impressed by what you do for us at MAC and last night saw it is a drop in the bucket in what you do for poets, and even more importantly for the community, for the world, for life on this plane. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Dan Raphael June 8 2017
Featured Reader Dan Raphael performs at Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic on June 8, 2017

Recently, Portland poet Micah David-Cole Fletcher was the only survivor among three heroes who were stabbed while defending a Muslim woman and her friend from a racist terrorist on the MAX in Portland. In gratitude for their bravery and their willingness to stand up to hate, we dedicated this month’s Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic to Micah, Ricky Best, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche.

I was moved to tears by Ghost Town regular Lori Loranger, who has been attending the series since it was founded in November 2004, when she shared the following poem:

“Tell everyone on this train that I love them”

remembering Rick Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche


So many ways to propagate hate

speak it and spout it and live it

until you believe it’s true

you can teach it to your children,

feed it with your angry thoughts

and stories

keep it on the fire

where it simmers and steams

until it explodes in violence.


So many ways to propagate hate,

while those of us who don’t believe,

who won’t give energy to hating,

pour reason and truth and love on the heat of it

with just the one way to not hate:


To not hate people who aren’t like us

or don’t think the same

To not hate even the haters

to just not hate.


It’s the duty of those of us who can

to speak up, when hate is spoken

taught, displayed

acted on

It’s our privilege to do the right thing,

a privilege not everyone can afford.

We’re all on this train

traveling together, to wherever we’re going,

going our own ways, we’re on this train together

packed in tight

with no room for hate

Tell everyone on this train that I love them.

-Lori Loranger

Micah Fletcher
Micah Fletcher: “It’s the duty of those who can – Being able to do the right thing is a privilege some people can’t afford”


Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Featuring Tiffany Burba and Lori Loranger Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ghost Town Flyer September 8 2016


Hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna

 7 pm

Thursday, September 8

Angst Gallery

1015 Main Street

Vancouver, WA 98660

 Food and libation provided by

Niche Wine Bar, 1013 Main Street

Sound provided by Briz Loan & Guitar:


Featuring Tiffany Burba and Lori Loranger

 Tiffany Reads

Tiffany Burba is a poet and photographer who lives in the Pacific Northwest. She began writing in 2009 as a way to process a very painful relationship. She found that writing was the one way to express all emotions and be completely vulnerable while healing the pain of heartbreak. She is a photographer who likes to capture sunsets, sunflowers, and the New York skyline. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of one.

Meet Me Where I Left You, (Printed Matter Vancouver, August 2016) is her first full-length volume of poetry. Tiffany’s work has also appeared in Ghost Town Poetry, Volume Two (Printed Matter Vancouver, 2014); in the windows of local businesses for Poetry in the Shops in Vancouver, WA; The Poeming Pigeon: Doobie or Not Doobie? (The Poetry Box, 2016); and on C-Tran buses from January – June 2015 for Poetry Moves. Tiffany is a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner who believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. She loves to dance, drink whiskey, and spend time with poets, musicians, and people who enjoy life.

 Lori at mic

Lori Loranger is a native Washingtonian who practices mediation, tai chi, permaculture and civil disobedience on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, where she’s lived for 35 years. Lori’s poetry appears in both Ghost Town Poetry anthologies (edited by Toni Lumbrazo Luna and Christopher Luna), Visions of Light by Raymond Klein, and The Poeming Pigeon.

me by Luna
Sketch of Lori Loranger by Christopher Luna

Life is Like a Butterfly by Lori Loranger

Life unfolds

like butterfly wings

opening, closing

with unseen impact

So delicate and beautiful

Birth and death in every moment

tenderly tasting what

sweetness can be found


than it appears