Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Featuring Emily Pittman Newberry Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cover to Cover Flyer June 12 2014

Hosted By Clark County Poet Laureate Christopher Luna
And Printed Matter Vancouver publisher Toni Partington

Thursday, June 12
Cover to Cover Books
6300 NE St. James Rd., Suite 104B (St. James & Minnehaha)
Vancouver, WA 98663

LGBTQ-friendly, all ages, and uncensored since 2004

Featuring Emily Pittman Newberry:

Emily Newberry at Tiger Lily June 16 2013

Emily Pittman Newberry is a performance poet living in Portland, Oregon. She is fascinated by the way we dance with vulnerability as our lives intersect, and by how the rich diversity of life and the many paths we take somehow seem to lead us all home. OneSpirit Press published her two books of poetry, Butterfly A Rose and Nature Speaking, Naturally, a collaboration with artist Adelaide Beeman-White. An artist book featuring her poetry and the work of Portland artist Shu-Ju Wang will be released soon. Her website is

by Emily Pittman Newberry

I don’t like winter.

This matted cover
crunches underfoot.

This ice-choked stream
freezes ripples into dead stories.

This memory of yellow,
now withered, brown,
cracks rather than bends.

This wind I shiver against.

Until spring when I plant
the next seed.

Remember the winter
I needed,
to be reborn.


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