Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Featuring Joseph Green March 10, 2016

Ghost Town Flyer March 10 2016

Hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna

7 pm
Thursday, March 10
Angst Gallery
1015 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Food and libation provided by
Niche Wine Bar, 1013 Main Street



Featuring Joseph Green: Joseph Green’s most recent collection of poems is What Water Does at a Time Like This (MoonPath Press 2015), following That Thread Still Connecting Us (MoonPath 2012), The End of Forgiveness (Floating Bridge, 2001), Greatest Hits: 1975—2000 (Pudding House, 2001), Deluxe Motel (Signpost Press, 1991), and His Inadequate Vocabulary (Signpost, 1986). Through the Peasandcues Press, Green and his wife, Marquita, produce limited-edition, letterpress-printed poetry broadsides using hand-set metal type; and at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry & Museum of Metal Typography, in Portland, he works to preserve the craft of casting the type itself.


What You Can Say to Me When I’m Dead
by Joseph Green

I won’t want to talk about the war,
so don’t start. I won’t say anything at all
about politics. I’ve already had it

up to here with gossip.
And God is no good, either,
as a conversational topic. I’ll be finished,

too, with gnawing on the dry bones
of art, of accomplishment.
You can put them into your own

soup if you feel like it. I’ll be lying
down for a while. Just fill me in
on what you’ve been up to.

Please join us on March 10 for Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic featuring Joseph Green, poet, letterpress printer, and author of What Water Does at a Time Like This.



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