Poetry Moves Phase Two Begins July 3 with students from the Poets in the Schools Program

POETRY MOVES: Poems on the Bus

A Project of C-Tran, The Arts of Clark County, Printed Matter Vancouver and

Clark County Poet Laureate Christopher Luna


Sunday, July 3, 2016

10am – noon

Esther Short Park, Stage Area

This event is the public reading of student poems selected for Poetry Moves – poems on the C-Tran buses July–December 2016

Printed Matter Vancouver congratulates all of the students whose poems were selected:

Andrew H., Fort Vancouver High School

Ashley S., Fort Vancouver High School

Breanna K., Riverview Elementary School

Colwyn B., Fort Vancouver High School

Elora H., Discovery Middle School

Emma L., Vancouver School of Arts and Academics

Jaden L., Vancouver School of Arts and Academics

Jessica K., Fort Vancouver High School

Marley J., Hearthwood Elementary School

Rheanna N., Fort Vancouver High School


Christopher at Evergreen High School June 2 2015 by Chris Margolin
Christopher Luna visits Evergreen High School in June 2015

When Christopher Luna was named Poet Laureate for Clark County in 2013, he launched a poets in the schools program that sends local writers into Clark County schools to lead poetry workshops aimed at showing children that poetry can be meaningful, magical, and fun. The program has received grant support from Humanities Washington and the Arts of Clark County.

Arts of Clark County Chair Karen Madsen made contact with C-Tran and laid the groundwork for the Poetry Moves program. Her husband Cameron Suttles designed the channel cards for the buses. The first phase of the program featured poems from ten Clark County poets, eight of whom were selected by Luna and his wife and Printed Matter Vancouver co-founder Toni Lumbrazo Luna (formerly Partington) as judges of a countywide contest. These poems were placed on 166 C-Tran buses from January –June 2016. For more information on the first phase of the project, visit:    https://printedmattervancouver.com/2015/11/16/printed-matter-vancouver-congratulates-the-winners-of-the-poetry-moves-contest/

Phase Two of Poetry Moves will feature ten young poets from the schools visited by the poets in Luna’s Poets in the Schools Program. The workshops were led by Christopher Luna, Toni Lumbrazo Luna, Jim Martin, and Morgan Hutchinson.

On July 3, we will celebrate the students whose poems were chosen with a special reading at Esther Short Park. Each student’s poem will be read, and a C-Tran bus will be present so that the students and audience members can see what the poems look like installed on the buses. The student poems will appear on C-Tran buses through December 2016.

For more information email printedmattervancouver@gmail.com


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