Beyond the Third Door Author Maria Heckinger on AM Northwest

Printed Matter Vancouver congratulates Maria Heckinger, who was interviewed by KATU’s AM Northwest about her memoir Beyond the Third Door, “an incredible story which straddles the fine line between blind luck and unexplained miracles”:

Beyond the Third Door_eBook

Maria wrote her memoir in Christopher Luna’s Memoir Writing Class at Clark College. Christopher also later served as an editor on her book.

Here is what Maria had to say about her experience working with Printed Matter Vancouver  co-founder Christopher Luna: “I have wanted to write my memoir since 1984 but never felt I had the skills to tackle such an important task. I signed up for Chris’ memoir class and ended up staying for eight semesters. I didn’t know much about writing, but I do know good teaching, and Chris is the best. He was patient, kind, and encouraging to students of all skill levels. I felt safe and valued in his classes. His skillful teaching helped me overcome my fear of what seemed to be a daunting task. I finished my memoir, Beyond the Third Door, in two years time and then hired Printed Matter Vancouver to edit my manuscript. Both Chris and Toni are extremely knowledgeable and proved to be a valuable resource.”

Read more about Maria’s amazing story in the Columbian.

If you are looking for writing coaching, editing/manuscript review, or information about poetry and memoir classes, send Christopher and Toni an email via


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