Luna Luna featuring art by Toni and Christopher Luna at The Esther Building Space extended through October 9, 2020

Esther Building Art Space

bits and Luna Luna still on view

Closing October 9 2020

The Esther Building Art Space is located at 610 Esther Street, Vancouver, WA

Open Monday through Friday 10am-3p

Two exhibitions opened at  Esther Building Art Space in March: bit’s by Noah Matteucci and Luna Luna featuring the art of Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna. The expectation was that the show would open to the public for a couple months and close in May. Of course the universe had other plans. Shortly after the show opened, everything shut down. The Esther Building is now open M-F 10am to 3pm. They are open to visitors in small groups, with masks, and appropriate social distancing.

For more information about this exhibit please contact: Erin Dengerink,, 360-566-7808

To learn more about the artists visit: 

Noah Matteucci’s website, & instagram:@noahmatteucci

Christopher and Toni Luna,


Noah Matteucci’s colorful woodblock prints fill the first floor spaces of the Esther Building. Matteucci’s pieces are created with small interchangeable blocks of wood, carefully arranged, inked, and printed multiple times to create a rich layered image. The squares are laid out in a grid pattern, the colors appear to be gently vibrating and the shimmering. Matteucci’s art references pixels and glitches. By taking those mundane aspects of our digital life and framing them large and lovely, Matteucci draws our attention to the beauty in the intricacy of the images we consume everyday. 


Luna Luna

Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna are poets, artists, partners and collaborators. At the Esther Building they are showing their mixed media photo collages of photography depicting street art. The images show chalk drawings and graffiti taken during the couple’s travels.  They speak to the very human need to leave our mark in the world. Mounted on found wood, the photos have a feeling of being aged and worn. Devoid of information about where the images were taken, the photos become universal. 

Exhibited alongside the photos are a selection of colleges by Chritsopher Luna that are artfully arranged and include bits of text that allude to his poetry.  

to speak YES YES March 2019.jpg

Artist Bios: 

Noah Matteucci is an artist and printmaker currently working in the Pacific Northwest. He makes traditional prints using algorithms that loop pixels, lines, and dots. You can find him working at WSU Vancouver as the Fine Arts Technician.

Christopher Luna is a collage artist, poet, editor, and teacher, whose visual art has been featured at Angst Gallery, North Bank Artists Gallery, and Multnomah Arts Center. His collage work can be seen on  book covers for several poetry books and anthologies. Luna served as the inaugural Poet Laureate of Clark County from 2013-2017. Luna has an MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, and is the co-founder, with Toni Lumbrazo Luna, of Printed Matter Vancouver, an editing service and small press for Northwest writers. He and Toni co-host the LGBTQ+ friendly, all ages and uncensored Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic in Vancouver, WA, founded by Christopher in 2004. Christopher Luna’s books include Message from the Vessel in a Dream (Flowstone Press, 2018), Brutal Glints of Moonlight, and The Flame Is Ours: The Letters of Stan Brakhage and Michael McClure 1961-1978.

Toni Lumbrazo Luna is a poet, editor, visual artist and the author of three poetry books: Driven By Hope (Printed Matter Vancouver, 2019) Jesus Is A Gas, and Wind Wing. She is the co-founder of Printed Matter Vancouver, a small press which provides editing and writing coaching. Although originally from central New York, she’s made the Pacific Northwest her home for 30 years. She co-hosts the Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic in Vancouver, WA and serves on the Clark County Arts Commission.   

The Esther Building Art Space 

610 Esther Street, Vancouver Washington

The Esther Building Art Space is open to the public Monday through Friday 10am-3pm

For more information about this exhibit please contact: Erin Dengerink,, 360-566-7808


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