Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic on Zoom Featuring Rebecca Smolen December 10, 2020

Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic
Hosted by Christopher Luna, Toni Lumbrazo Luna, & Morgan Paige
Featuring Rebecca Smolen
7 pm
Thursday, December 10
On Zoom
$5 Suggested donation

Please support Niche Wine Bar, whose owner, Leah Jackson, has provided a home for the reading series since 2015.

Rebecca Smolen is a Portland-based writer transplanted from New Hampshire in 2014 and the mother of two adorable little gingers. She grew up on a dead-end road, exploring drainage pipes and pond life. Rebecca has a degree in creative writing and philosophy. She has been trained and is certified to lead writing classes in the Gateless Method. This method was scientifically created to avoid provoking the fight-or-flight reaction, generating a safe place to produce raw, new writing that will spotlight the strongest talents of that material. You can find Rebecca’s poetry most recently in Allegory Ridge, Feminine Collective, Tiny Seed, The Inflectionist Review, Poeming Pigeon, and her collections Womanhood and Other Scars and Excoriation published by The Poetry Box.

NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control, this month’s reading will take place over Zoom. Email by no later than 3 pm on December 10 to indicate your interest in participating. In the subject line, let us know if you are “Reading” or “Just Listening.” You will receive instructions for how to join the meeting. Open mic readers are invited to share one poem for three minutes or less. If you are willing to donate to support the series, please use Christopher Luna’s PayPal account ( or contact him to make other arrangements. Include a memo stating that the money is for Ghost Town Poetry. The suggested donation is five dollars.


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