NEW BOOK Ghost Town Poetry — Cover To Cover Books 2004-2010

Ghost Town Poetry, Cover To Cover Books 2004-2010 will be released on May 4, 2011. This anthology is a collection of poems from local poets and well-known featured readers over a six-year span at the monthly open mic at Cover To Cover Books, Vancouver, WA

Poetry from the Open Mic$10. ISBN 9781461075110

The book is a celebration of poetry and community.  It represents the support and acceptance of brand new writers by well established, published writers.  Forty-eight poets are featured. Among them such notables as Sage Cohen, Sam Green, David Meltzer, Charles Potts, and Sharon Wood Wortman. Notable locals, Jim Martin, Eileen Elliott, Christi Krug, Norma Mizer, Jenney Pauer, and Dan Nelson are also featured.  

Ghost Town Poetry is edited by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington and published by Printed Matter Vancouver. It is available at Cover To Cover Books, 6300 NE St. James road, Vancouver, Wa, 360-993-7777, , and at

$10. ISBN 9781461075110


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