Ghost Town Poetry Released

Smedley says, "I love this book!"

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011 Ghost Town Poetry was released at Cover To Cover Books to a crowd of authors and friends. We were hosted by owner Mel Sanders, who applauded the authors for their work and their dedication to the monthly series. The Ghost Town Poetry Series brings a featured reader and an open mic to the bookstore on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Thanks to Mel Sanders for opening the bookstore and her heart to poetry.

The book is an anthology of published poets who’ve been featured readers in the series, and those poets who’ve shared their work at the open mic. The collection contains the work of new poets, including young poets who’ve attended with their parents. Several contributors are published here for the first time. The work of well-known poets is sprinkled throughout.

The book is available for $10 at Cover To Cover Books, 6300 NE St. James Road, Suite 104-B, Vancouver, WA 98663, 360-993-7777, and at

Thanks to everyone who made this book happen. Our dream was to construct an anthology to showcase some of our talented local poets. Thanks especially to our featured poets who so generously submitted their work for the book. It is rewarding to see this dream come to life.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to the poetry community in Vancouver and across the river. We are humbled by your continuous support. Vancouver’s art scene (visual art, literary, music, and performance) has arisen. Over the past two years our town has come into its own. We are proud to call Vancouver home.

Toni Partington and Christopher Luna, Editors


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