Printed Matter Vancouver Nominates Jenney Pauer for the 2012 Pushcart Prize

Pushcart Nominee Jenney Pauer

Photo by Anni Becker

Printed Matter Vancouver is proud to nominate the following poems from Jenney Pauer’s debut collection, Serenity in the Brutal Garden (ISBN-10: 1470132591; ISBN-13: 978-1470132590), for the 2012 Pushcart Prize:  “Ruben” (p. 5); “A White Bed Sheet” (p. 8); “Dreamer” (p. 34); “What You Meant By It” (p. 37); “Chairs” (p. 43); and “Mrs. Donahue” (p. 46)

When we founded the press, Jenney Pauer was at the top of the list of authors who we considered publishing. Since arriving in Vancouver, Jenney has touched the hearts of many in the community with her powerful command of the craft, and astounded us with her breathtaking spoken word performances. Jenney Pauer is a Vancouver treasure, a gracious and humble master of the art of poetry. We are honored to have been able to present the public with her debut.

If you do not yet have a copy of Serenity in the Brutal Garden, please contact Printed Matter Vancouver or visit Cover to Cover Books ( or

For more information on the Pushcart Prize, go to:

Christopher Luna

Toni Partington


Printed Matter Vancouver


One thought on “Printed Matter Vancouver Nominates Jenney Pauer for the 2012 Pushcart Prize

  1. If you don’t have a copy of this astounding book, you can get it at at a 12% reduced price of $8.75, or buy it locally for $10 at Cover To Cover Books. This is the perfect holiday gift for those who love narrative poetry; well crafted story poems that lure you in and delight the senses. Congratulations to Jenney Pauer for a well-deserved Pushcart Prize nomination.

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