Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Featuring Jamie Houghton December 14, 2017

Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Flyer December 14 2017 cropped

Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic

Featuring Jamie Houghton

Hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington of Printed Matter Vancouver

7 pm

Thursday, December 14

Open mic sign up begins at 6:30 and closes at 7

Angst Gallery

1015 Main Street

Vancouver, WA 98660

Jamie Houghton head shot

Jamie Houghton is a poet, musician and teaching artist. Her poetry chapbook, Burn Site in Bloom, was released by Musehick Publications in 2017. Her secret talents include making the best Key Lime Pie in town and looking weirdly good in fur hats. You can read her personal essays on her blog.

Jamie Houghton book cover


(After Andrew Marvell)

by Jamie Houghton


Think of it as just a haircut through your heart which is your whole

body glowing because that’s what a pulse does and your heart is electric


Think of your heart as mud struck by lightning in the womb some where

you cannot dive for or become small enough to see


Think of it as a slight shock combing up your spine or your skin

changing like the surface of water


Think of it as division think

of me as a witness think

of clinging to the rain or pouring

down the grate think

of it as the last

whisper before being extinguished


Think of it as sinking just

to rest in the dark wet think

of it as a buffet and you

are sunlight’s last snack think

of the shining blades as music think

of your tailbone as a mouse


and you will be fed to the peonies

and the dogs and the dawn think

of me as next


Food and libation provided by Niche Wine Bar, 1013 Main Street, Vancouver.

Sound provided by Briz Loan & Guitar.


Listen to a feature on Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic on OPB Radio’s State of Wonder.



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