Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Featuring Judith Arcana April 12, 2018

Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Flyer April 12 2018 cropped

Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic

Featuring Judith Arcana

Hosted by Christopher Luna and Toni Partington of Printed Matter Vancouver

7 pm

Thursday, April 12

Open mic sign up begins at 6:30 and closes at 7

Angst Gallery

1015 Main Street

Vancouver, WA 98660

Food and libation provided by Niche Wine Bar, 1013 Main Street

Sound provided by Briz Loan & Guitar:


ja laughing
Photo by Friderike Heuer

Judith Arcana writes poems, stories, essays and books, publishing online and on paper. Her work has, naturally, been influenced by the times and places of her life: A high school English teacher in the 1960’s, Judith was fired, as many were in those years, considered dangerously radical by the school board. She’s written poems and stories rooted in her commitment to reproductive justice, which began with her work in the pre-Roe abortion underground in Chicago.

AFTP final cover copy

Judith’s new poetry collection, Announcements from the Planetarium, was published by Flowstone Press in 2017; its poems examine memory, consider the nature of wisdom, and reflect on the experience of aging into new consciousness. Judith hosts a poetry show on KBOO community radio in Oregon and online.

The Woman Who Hands You A Gun

Don’t think because I’m old

I’m not learning anymore. No.

That’s not how it goes. Right

now I’m on my way, leaving

town to be a carny, a barker

at the tattooed lady’s tent flap

or the woman who hands you a gun

at the shooting gallery or hoops

to toss over baby dolls. It’s got

to be something I don’t have

to study or practice, something

I can slip right into, on-the-job

training. Because I don’t have

that kind of time anymore.

I’m saying I’ll be an intern

an apprentice – not a student.

I don’t have time for that.

…….. Judith Arcana  (First published in CIRQUE – Winter Solstice issue, 2012)

Listen to a feature on Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic on OPB Radio’s State of Wonder


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